San Rafael Packaging Supplies

Packaging Supplies

Trying to pack that certain odd shape items that just can’t seem to fit any box? 

Here at San Rafael Packaging supplies we have a large inventory of box sizes to make that packaging job happen.  We can even make a custom box for you if necessary.

Want to make sure it is safe in transport?  We have different types of bubble wrap to make sure the item is protected and then packaging peanuts to surround that item, which will protect your item from shock, vibration, compression, and weather factors.

Our boxes meet a standard testing of 200lbs per square inch bursting strength.

We have the right quality professional grade packaging tape that we packaging experts use to make sure that strong box seals secure completely and with strength.

If you need a specialized sized box we can make one for you that will be of professional strength and quality, we also can supply and kind of custom size packaging supplies (large quantities of bubble wrap, large quantities of packaging peanuts, etc)

You will find you have everything you need to package up that fragile item you have.

Should you wish to have an expert package an extremely fragile or odd shaped item we can make it happen with impeccable quality.

Our packing items are great for any application you have other than shipping, such as storage, certain art projects, particular teaching applications, and any other uses one can conjure up.