San Rafael Live Scan Fingerprinting

Live Scan Fingerprinting Services

San Rafael Live Scan provides a convenient, easy to find location with no appointment needed to have your Live Scan fingerprints taken.

- We will take the time to ensure that no resubmission is needed.

We only charge $25 to take your fingerprints. Please note that Department of Justice (D.O.J.) and FBI fees will vary depending on the type of background check is being requested.

What to bring:
-United States issued government photo ID. California Drivers License is best.
-"Request for Livescan” form with all appropriate fields filled out
- Fingers

Please note that some people may take longer, usually people that are of a certain age or persons who work with their hands (nurses, teachers, chiropractors, etc).

What is the purpose of Live Scan fingerprinting?
Live Scan's centralized database allows law enforcement to accurately identify criminal suspects. The system also allows local and federal law enforcement agencies to provide background checks within a few days. Live Scan speeds up the process of acquiring background checks and also ensure accuracy. The end result is that requiring Live Scan fingerprinting for potential employees, children, and clients maintain a safe and criminal free environment.

How long do government agencies take to process the prints?
By submitting Live Scan fingerprints, an applicant can have a background check completed within 72 hours in some instances.

We look forward to seeing you!